Answered By: Anna Wigtil
Last Updated: Jul 13, 2021     Views: 121

It can be difficult at first to decipher a book's location, but once you understand how the library is organized, it is actually quite easy!

First, search the library catalog to find the book you want, then follow these steps:

1. Determine if the book is available. If the catalog says the book's status is "available," it is probably on the shelf. If the status says "library use only," then it is in the library but cannot be checked out. If the status says "Request Delivery," the book is checked out or in storage--click on "Request Delivery" and you can fill out the Delivery/Interlibrary Loan form to retrieve the book.

2. If the book is available, identify the location code--this tells you what building a book is located in. Some common locations are LOVE (Love Library), DINS (Dinsdale Family Learning Commons), CURR (Curriculum Collection in Love Library North), SPEC (Archives and Special Collections, in the basement of Love Library), and LDRF (our storage facility). You can go to a book's location, or you can click "Request Delivery" or "Find This for Me" to have it delivered to a library more convenient for you.

3. Find the correct section of the library. This is especially important in Love Library since it is so big.

  • If you are searching in Encore (the main search box on the UNL Libraries website), click on the location code, then on "Love Library Call Number Locator." Click on the first letter of the call number, and you will see what floor the book is located on.
  • Another way is to click "Find This for Me," then "See Map."

4. Use the call number to find the book. Most call numbers have alternating sets of letters and numbers. Single letters are shelved before double letters (for example, Q is followed by QA, QB, etc.). The first set of numbers are in numerical order, so QA303 will be shelved before QA1002. After the first letters and first number will be a decimal point. A number after the decimal point is treated as a decimal, so QA1002.43 will be shelved before QA1002.5. Keep following the alternating letters and numbers until you find your book!

5. If you can't find the book, ask a librarian for help--we are always happy to assist you.