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First, a few questions.  Current or historical?  U.S. or international?  Local/regional or national?  "Print" version or online?  Answers to all of those questions will best determine where to look for your article.  

The best source for older newspaper articles from the "major" U.S. publications (e.g., New York Times, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, etc.) is the ProQuest Historical Newspapers database.  It also provides the articles as scanned PDF versions of the original print publications.  The primary drawback for this resources is that its coverage is typically no more recent than 5 years ago.

For more current coverage--for the same types of publications--LexisNexis Academic's News search is probably your best bet.  For coverage of smaller, local newspapers (e.g., the Lincoln Journal Star), you will want to try to the Newsbank: America's Newspapers database, and for coverage of a topic from the ethnic and/or minority press, Ethnic Newswatch is a great option.

There are also a number of sources on the web where you can find both historical and current newspaper articles--but these are a bit trickier to identify and search, and they often don't provide comprehensive coverage. 

For more specific questions, contact the journalism librarian, Signe Boudreau.